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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Horse and Pony show

I believe that is all MCS and the people in charge are all about putting on a show.  We were forced to do 'walking school bus day' today.  Don't get me wrong it was a ton of fun.  time to just goof off with the kids, but in the end that was instructional time that was lost.  the superintendent or his second hand man were supposed to be there.  Did they show?  of course not.  Am i surprised?  NO.  This is same old same old.  they never show.  they have no problem saying you must do this activity and then never show up to see it in action and then have the gall to say at the end of the year you should have been teaching more or doing better in the classroom.  Our building actually houses a regional superintendent do we even see her NOPE.   Just sayin I think this is crap.  Why are you running a school system if you NEVER show up to the schools to see how things are going?

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