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Friday, October 1, 2010

Can you believe this????

Oh lord, I lost it yesterday.  Can you believe that one of my students had the nerve to refer to me as racists?   Oh Boy I was livid and my body was shaking.  I kicked her out of my classroom and told her she could not come back until I received a sincere apology.  I just cannot believe how she could have even said that.  Its like they don't realize I could get a job and work with white kids if I wanted too, but I don't, I choose to stay there with them.  They don't realize that until this year I was the only white female that was brave enough to hold down a classroom in that school.  It is so sad that they are raised to believe that white people are out to get them.  The student later wrote an apology letter and I know she learned her lesson.  It was very sincere and heart felt I almost felt bad for being so tough on her but she needed to learn that you cannot say the first thing that comes to your mind.  The other students in the class at the time actually were so upset about it they went to their next class and told their teachers.  It was good to know and hear that the majority of my students did care about me and my feelings and do realize that what I do on a daily basis is for them.

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