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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Break Down

I haven't posted in a while.  It has actually been pretty cool until here recently.  These sixth graders have been in middle school for 12 weeks and are beginning to think they are grown.  I have tried to nicely explain to my classes that, I will be nice as long as they are well behaved and make good grades.  Since the first report card I cannot even get decent grades.  Then we have the district wide tests where if the students don't well it reflects on me as a teacher.

Can someone please explain to me why the district will not send a paper copy of their stupid tests??  My math classes had to take this test online and it was multiple choice, so what do you think they did?  they will tell you what they did, they aren't ashamed.  They just clicked anything.  

Today was the data Break Down session and the higher powers wanted to know why students didn't do even mediocre on this test.  I explained them to my theory and then she had the nerve to ask what I did differently.  I didn't do jack different your idiots decided to give a multiple choice math test online!!!!!!
but now I am going to be looked at as a failure of a teacher because of it. 

I spent hours on saturday and sunday lesson planning, which is a school requirement not a district requirement.  Then I spend at least two extra hours a week at the school planning and holding tutoring sessions, which no one shows up for, but Im required by the school to have.  AND i teach my butt off never sitting down.  But do the students care do they take advantage of the extra help??  NO  they take advantage of niceness they see niceness as weakness.  therefore i have to treat them horribly, how I would never want my child treated in a school setting, Just to get their attention.  

After being a complete witch for weeks now the majority of my classes have started using more self control which is good.  but my homeroom, the class that has been soo good since the beginning of the year are now horrible.  I will keep being the Witch teacher and they will see that I am an equal opportunity F giver!!  I won't discriminate on that you can't behave and follow directions, I will forget about all the extra points here and there that I was giving.  You can keep yo F!!  

We have another district test next week.  I complained so much that they are going to give me paper and pencil based test.  I guess we will see now if the children are learning or if I am just a horrible teacher.  The children at this point will have to prove me wrong because I have lost faith in them.  I do not think that they can do it.  I have given up hope.  

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  1. hang in there!!! i am sure you are doing a great job. i just hate that our school system is what it is. i am scared to death to finish school and begin teaching. we need more dedicated teachers like you... if we had them maybe this whole mess we are in could have been avoided.