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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wearing Many Hats

     My dad complained that I did not use proper spelling and grammar in my last posts, I tried to explain to him that in a blog it doesn't matter but he didn't get it.  But anyway not a hole lot going on in Coxy's life right now.  I have been helping with cheerleading tryouts which has been a blast.  I am so sore I can't stand it though.  Helping with tryouts has triggered my eat, sleep, and breath cheer reflexes.  I have been having my infamous cheer dreams, and last night my hubby stayed out late and then called me late and woke me up, all these ideas for cheers and dances kept running through my head and I couldn't get back to sleep until 1:15.  Then had to go teach without any coffee this morning because I did not go grocery shopping over the weekend.  I tried instant coffee but it did not do the trick I ended up getting a soda out of the vending machine at 7 am!!  lol  
     On a more serious note as mentioned in an earlier post education is in a crisis and no one knows how to fix it.  Guess the folks at the Board have never heard the saying 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it'?  I just got on the other large school districts website and they have all sorts of resources for their teachers.  Too bad their stuff is for a completely different text book.  I stole a few ideas but their curriculum is so different.  This other school district is always doing well though, maybe consolidation is a good thing?  IDK Seems they know some secrets and aren't sharing.  I also tried to find the NAEP (national assessment of educational progress) Standards online and can't seem to find that either.  If the state standards are not being tested I need the National ones!!  I know I can get them from the PDSCC at work, but it would be nice if this much needed info was readily available.  
     Now don't get me wrong I am not saying teach to the test, believe me I don't.  But it would be nice to know the stuff that has to come up throughout the year.  If any teachers or almost teachers read this, and have some classroom strategies to share please do!!  
     On top of all this, tomorrow night is Title one parent meeting night.  I was asked to work the sign in table which means I have to be back at school at 4:45 and leave who knows when.  Monday was the chew out faculty meeting we didn't leave until 4ish, then I said I would cheer tryouts which didn't end til 4 tues and wed, and now this.  I have a family people!!!  Last week was about the same, and this coming week doesn't look much better, pretty in pink on Monday afternoon!?!  Then Judging for the cheer squad on Tues.  who knows what else will come up between now and then!  I have to stay calm and take it all with a grain of salt.  After all I don't want to gain 'stress' weight :)  Needless to say Maggie will be returning to Title one parent meeting tomorrow whether she likes it or not!!
     Guess I should just be happy to have a good job!!  I do love it but blogging is a good way to vent and let it all out without bothering anyone else.  tootles

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