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Saturday, August 21, 2010

just getting exciting

    Remember, when your a teacher everything has to be done after 3pm or on saturday!!  I do not know how single working mothers make it.  Two weeks ago my cable simply quit working they were supposed to come fix it on friday morning while my hubby was home.  They never showed.  Saturday I canceled them.  I called a new company the following Wed.  made an appt.  and they called me while I was at work and said they would be there in one hour.  I told them I have a class of sixth graders and wouldnt be able to make it.  So they never showed and I have not been able to make contact with anyone who could reschedule me.  (I think the janitor answered the phone friday afternoon LOL) Amongst all of this I was washing dishes one night about 6:30pm and realized I was standing in a pool of water.    ~ Emergency plumber needed immediately!!! ~    Luckily my dad came over and fixed it with out breaking anything in the process, but i had to take everything out of the cabinet and leave it all in the kitchen floor until the cabinets dried out!!  Not fun!!  Then the tire pressure monitor (tpm) has been on in my truck for a long time now.  I took it in over the summer and one the guys said there wasnt anything they could do about it at the time.  I called this week they told me to bring it in anytime and they would take care of it.  I also have a recall that needs to be fixed, a plastic part needs to be glued down.  I got to the shop at 8 am today and they said my tires needed air and the tpm light would go off and that they could not fix the recall at that time.  When they sent me on my way the tpm light came back on so I U- turned it, yes in Bartlett, and went back to show them the light.  The techs checked it out and no one had put air in the tires the first time I was there.  While they were running the tester thing this time to reset the monitor, the truck went into theft lock mode and wouldn't start!!!!  It took about 20 minutes for them to get that figured out and fixed.  Luckily after that, I got my air and was good to go.  They told me to came back during the week to get the recall fixed, I told them I was a teacher and needed my ride.  He said well Im sure theres a day you can make it, I told him, i would just go home and super glue it myself!!  LOL   But the funs not over yet.  My daughter had a slumber party last night and we were outta toilet paper so I stopped by kroger to get some and when I was looking for my kroger card i realized it wasnt in there AND  it is on my house keys, so I had to walk across the street and get the key!!
     I am not saying at all that I have a horrible life this has been one exciting morning and I am happy to say that I actually feel like I did accomplish something today!!  And I really do not know how single mothers can work, keep appointments, and take care of things around the house.  Recently I have felt like I am going to work to relax and get away from all of the crazy people I have been dealing with (cable companies, car companies, plumbers etc..)  Oh yeah and I did at least figure out how to get the local channels on my t.v.  Thanks kim!!

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