Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Starting Over

So, we had a miscarriage in September 2014 but have now been blessed with our rainbow baby.  It is now October 2015 and our baby girl is 10 weeks, and 14 pounds.  I can't tell you how many times in the last few months I have heard Awe is this your first baby?, when I respond no we have a 12 year old, people look at me surprised and say oh your starting over...  hence the title of this post.  :)

I am also starting over with the blogging.  Being that I have taken some extra time off work I have extra time to blog.  So my goal here is to be real.  No perfect family perfect pintrest, perfect body posts.  

The name of my blog is Coxy's life.  That's me.  my maiden name, which my husband and brother in law still refer to me as.  Red Pens, Binky's, and Barbells refer to teaching, mom-ing, and bodybuilding.  I hope to keep writing about the state of education, but also my life with a newborn and 12 year old, and my fitness journey while humoring and motivating others.  

I kinda forgot to think of a word to add to the title that refers to our farming.  but I will also share stories of our farm.  I call it a small farm right now it kinda grows and shrinks depending on how hungry the pesky fox is.  We mainly raise free range chickens.  We had a free range goat but that turned out to not be the best idea, more on that later, and a donkey.  I will introduce all of these guys in a later post...  Oh yeah and I almost forgot about the 9 cats that we now have too!!

Anyway baby is beginning to fuss so I'll talk to you guys soon!!  :)


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