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Friday, April 8, 2011

Budget cuts

Well we found out today that because of budget cuts our school will go from 16 regular ed classroom teachers to 12.  This is a middle school, 6th 7th and 8th grade!!  How can we go to 12 teachers??  This is ridiculous.  The School system is in a million dollar deficit.  Why is the board who should be thinking of the students asking why our Superintendent is making over a million dollars a year.  If your main concern is really for the children shouldn't you take a pay cut??  Makes sense doesn't it??  These people who sit behind a desk all day and don't do anything but spend tax payers money on eating out lunch every day (ohhhh yes did yall see that on the news???)  And they are making more money than the teachers who are on the front lines of battle.  Teachers whose jobs are on line if students don't score proficient or better on TCAP (which is next week!!)  Teachers who are dealing with behavior problems in the classrooms and teaching the 'unteachable'.  Giving kids stability who otherwise have none.
       Today our principal made a big speech at the end of out TCAP rally about how much we (the faculty) love our students and you would not believe the HUGE hugs we got at the end of today!!  Those were some hug giving 6th graders.  I will truly miss that about these inner city kids.  They know how much we care even though they act a fool and drive us crazy they do love us!!!
      It is becoming more and more apparent to me how crazy you really have be to teach middle school.  My first class i taught are now Juniors C/O 2012!!  when they come back to visit and show their report cards and have a calm conversation it is amazing...  Just 4 years ago this kid was driving me up a wall failing and refusing to learn.  But somewhere along the line some teacher at our school made enough of an impact for that child to be successful in high school and the desire to come back and show us their progress.  I am afraid that the relationships I build with these students will not be the same in another school setting.  In a setting where they have moms and dads who care.
     I know it is beginning to sound like I am one of the teachers who will be being surplussed.  Luckily I am not one.  But with all of the crazy politics going on in our city around education I do feel the need to get out of education.  Teaching is what I want to do but I want to teach.  I do not want to have abide by laws and crap that they are making up.  It is really going to take our Educational System down if they do not get back to the root of educating kids.  Which is teach them.  Teach them what they need to know when they are ready to learn it.  If a student cannot grasp the concept of addition and subtraction let them stay there don't force them onto multiplication and division!!  DUH...  If a kid cannot read Don't send them out of elementary school!!!  DUH... To me it seems like common sense.  Who votes these people onto the board anyway??
     Oh well I havent been on here in  a while so I thought I would share some of my thoughts on whats is happening right now....

Oh yeah here is a funny story....  You would only see this in the GHETTO...

At parent teacher conferences last week.  There was a very large young woman dressed in leggings and a bright yellow top with a blonde wig on...  Well I was walking behind her and the leggings were about 3 sizes too small.  You could see straight through them!!!!!  LOL  Then she had on a pair of spike heels that she absolutely could not walk in... It was soooooo funny watching her hold on to her friend walking down the ramps the heels were like bending inward... I was walking behind her waiting for the heel to break off!!!  That would have really been funny!!!  anyway....  I never figured out if this was someones mother or not but either way the adults do not know how appropriately dress themselves how can we expect the girls to know.   (we have a major bra problem with the middle school girls)

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