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Thursday, January 13, 2011


      Well i haven't written in awhile...  But consolidation is bugging me....   I 'm not sure what to think of it all....
        As a parent my first thought is...  if they change my daughters school she needs to be transferred to private school.
        As a teacher I know this thought process is Wrong.
        Bussing is not going to take place....  Meaning gangsters are not going to take over her school
The schools are basically going to stay the same.  This consolidation plan is to, in essence, is the larger school district throwing up their hands and saying "I give up, someone else give it a try." This may actually give the children of the metro area an extra chance at a normal life.
      Not to push one vote or another but as a teacher I do not see where the hurt will come.  Basically the schools will stay the same.  The County's board of education will be making the decisions.  The superintendent of the city taking over will be completely over ruled.  He does not even have to be allowd to serve as vice-superintendent.  This guy can move on and still get his money.   Does he care about the children or his pocket book??????????????????
     Also if consolidation takes place and they carry it out like many large businesses do, many teachers will be laid off and then re-hired the next day.  The only problem with this is.......  again teachers like me who took a failing Math class from 54% to 76% in one year then to 78% and then 80%. My worry is that my gains might not matter.  In my school that 78% is unbelievable.  In other systems Not so much.
      If I can teach the "unteachable" I promise I can teach yours!!!!!!!!!!
      But the main problem here is that in the mix of all the politics the media is having a field day.  They claim to be unbiased.  If they are so unbiased let some teachers give their say.  
     As a whole the city will be in better standings.  Basically, the giving up of the charter is a way of the city saying, "we are done, we cannot do anything more, please help." The county should see this,  OR maybe the county is not as good as they think they are?????  I'm not sure...... Are they scared to take on a challenge....  to me a challenge is a way to prove you are the best of the best!!!!  For years you have claimed to be the best of the best If you are sooo good you should be able to bring 'MY CHILDREN' up to grade level...  Right????
       Anyway... the children are what need to be taken into consideration.   The larger metro school system, as I have previously stated is not in the best interest of the students!!!!!!  The students deserve the best education...If you want to live in one of the largest cities in America and be safe....  Wouldn't you want to know that ALL the citizens are being educated to their potential, not just enough to get by????
      In the end the county folk (me included) need to realize that the schools our children go to will not change.  The change is coming for the city!!  They need it!!!  What they are doing now isn't working!!!  The officials in the city are NOT going to take over and make the same decisions because they are surrendering their district, again basically throwing up their hands and saying we can't do it!!!  In the end it is going to come down to voters making informed decisions.  Can you believe that the city's superintendent has never worked in a school a day in his life???  We beg him to come to our school and he hasn't shown up yet!!  more than one of the school board members have also NEVER worked in a school.  They went to school 50 years ago and now know how the schools should be run.  
     In the end for the forgotten children that are being left behind the rigorous standards and expectations of the county may be best.  

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